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3 times my station name after eachother, in 3 different ways (female voice)


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I've got an idea in mind for a jingle with 3 times the word 'Good Vibrations' after eachother.


-First time: Spoken with a clear and calm/gentle tone of voice, positive but nót shrill/hysterical.

-Second time: Softly whispered.

-Third time: Sung, in an enthusiast way, and you can keep the last part of this file (recorded from another station) in mind when it comes to the tone of voice: http://www.wwzapper.com/hotmixradio3.mp3


If the sung part is too much for you, you can also provide a file only containing the spoken and whispered version.


I prefer a warm tone of voice, and not much of an accent. :)


(Yeah, that's a detailed description, I know it. But it increases the chance of a good shot.)


Edit: I've found a voice somewhere else, so this thread can be closed. :)

Good Vibrations (90s flavoured webradio): Listen directly - Station info and playlist
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