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Hello From ImmenseRadio.com


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Hey everyone,

I am Ste Crook and I run ImmenseRadio.com, It is a non stop dance music station and I thought I would join here to see if I can give and receive any help. I work as a tech op at a group of local commercial radio stations so I would say I have pretty good knowledge and understanding.

http://www.immenseradio.com - Non Stop Dance

http://www.immenselive.com - Just Great Music and the home of two top 10 @ 10's a day!

http://www.stationguru.com - The ultimate radio resource website

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Welcome to Broadcasting World :)


I have written several guides for Internet broadcasters and you can find them here:

( They are FREE to read, download or print. )



You can also see more guides I have written here as well:



Enjoy :)

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