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Looking for female/teengage Voice Over for Animation


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I'm looking for a female who can do a little girl voice over. (age 8 or 5)

She would be crying and asking questions.The script is about 10 to 12 short



This is for a little 3D character animation test I want to make, so I don't really have

a budget for it. If you are interested please PM me and I will give you the script.


If you want to help me that would be mighty swell,





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Hi Engels, Mommy? I feel scared.

Why didn’t you want me? I would had

loved you mommy?

I cry for you every day inside this

darkness I live in with hopes that

sooner or later you will be joining


Mommy? I love you but I hate you

because you have decided to kill me.

Please mommy talk to me in me,

I feel lonely and cold, time passes

by but I don’t know how much time

has passed by, I’m scared mom. It’s

dark and cold. I feel dead. Mommy? Why

didn’t you want my love? Mommy why don’t

you answer me? I feel scared, Mommy!!


This is the text, the child is a ghost,"she died in a war and her soul is confused." She is a little girl of 8 or 10 that is scared, and maybe crying.

She is going to be white and glowing.




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