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Solution for listening on mobile devices

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I'm trying to find a simple solution to link users from my webpage to a media solution so that my station can be streamed on a mobile device like an iPad, Smartphone, etc. Ideally, I'd like to throw the link on the site as a QR code so that the user can just scan with their phone and be taken to the application/stream.


Has anyone found a solution for this type of connection? The idea is to keep it as simple as possible, even if the user needs to download an app.


Thanks for the help!

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There's numerous solutions out there. The unfortunate catch is that depending on which mobile OS you are looking at dictates some minor but key details on getting it working properly.


If it were me and the time and resources were available, I'd aim for individual apps for each OS. For the most part you should only need to focus on Android (Phone), Android (Tablet), iOS (Phone), iOS (Tablet), and probably Blackberry.

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