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Hi there,


I didn't see anyplace else to post this, so, I hope I'm posting in the right location.


I noticed that from the main Forum page, if I click on the "Radio Automation" forum, the forum posts are displayed in reverse order (oldest to newest). In order to see new posts, I have to click on "Last Post by" to get the newest posts at the top. This doesn't seem to be the case for the other forums. I was wondering if an Admin could maybe take a look at that. It took me a while after I first registered to realize why the first post I had made wasn't showing up at the top of the forum.



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Hi James, I cleaned up my web browsing history & cookies today and it automatically took me out of the system, so I had to log back in. (Not the problem) It took me 3 or 4 minutes to locate the "log in" button. Could we make that darker so it's easier to spot?


Also, when I logged in, a box appeared that stated: "Could not find phrase 'invalid_redirect_url_x'." , but I closed the BW page and opened back up and I was logged in. So, it makes it seem as though you have made a mistake even when you haven't. Some people may think they have forgotten their password and give up on trying to log back in.

Just a couple of glitches that I noticed!


Edit: I see the second problem has already been posted in another thread, anyway it's still there! I also agree with GKIye below that pages are loading really slow, sometimes over a minute or more to load.

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