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Liners needed as soon as possible!

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We need 4 voice overs separately but on same track please... voice overs saying:


1) Your listening to Hay-Ver-Hill (Haverhill) FM. Broadcasting live from the recreation ground for the Haverhill show 2012.



Next voice over 5 seconds after first one



2) Your listening to Hay-Ver-Hill (Haverhill) FM.. The local gossip with everything you need to know, all day everyday.



3) This is Hay-Ver-Hill (Haverhill) FM


4) We will be back broadcasting tomorrow right here on the recreation ground. but like us on facebook at facebook.com/haverhillfm, follow us @haverhill fm and please head to our website www.haverhillfm.co.uk to see a live countdown clock of our 70 hour broadcast coming in august 2012


Thank You!

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