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Community Radio Voiceover Need

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Do you need just a voice or did you want effects to go along with it?


I did this and let me know if this is sort of in the field of what you are looking for? Just PM or email me.



****When you say, do them again, do you mean re-record them?

If you lost access to your online community, these files will be here as soon as you return. If you want me to email them, to you, just let me know.


If you want me to re-record them, let me know in what specific manner everything should sound, etc.


But anyway, the files are here for you to take. All You do is, click (OR RIGHT CLICK, SAVE TARGET AS) on the file, so either, play or save. You have to be logged in to BW to do that. If you need to, try to recover your password.


You are free to use these at your will and leisure. I attached a fw, so you can choose which ever you like.









-- JE


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