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Still Looking for a co-owner / station manager / 2 head djs / djs

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Looking for new co-owners / station manager/2 head djs / djs we play all styles of music we have been around for a long time and just started the online station bk up if u would like to help us out please go to www.soundsofessex.co.uk and leave a message in the shoutbax or email guyveradam@hotmail.comor just comment below


what im looking for in a new


(co-owner) is some one with knowledge on runing a station and have a good manners never lose the temper at the djs (wich my last co-owner did) some one that could bring new ideas to the station ect.


(station manager) need to be some one that i can trust to leave incharge if i am not there some knowledge would be good but not essential on running the station i can train the person up


2 head djs good manners / dont have to be pro djs lol / can also train the 2 people up who apply for the jobs


djs / good selection of music dont have to be pro djs lol if you dont have a mic thats fine as well ect if you wont more info lol email guyveradam@hotmail.com or go towww.soundsofessex.co.uk and leave a message in the shoutbox and some one will get bk to you asap

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