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Possible Change to Webcasting royalties.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm pretty sure that years down the road, the big wigs will realize that they need to get on the bus, in terms of the Internet. Traditional ways of doing things have changed. Now everything is moving to the Internet. Our entire lives are online, whether we know it or not.

In terms of royalties, everyone who broadcasts music on the Internet will need to pay for licensing. It's just right. no one in America wants to work for free. Just how much will definitely CHANGE and be at a low price. It's just how it will go. Places like Loudcity and Stream licensing are now just setting the precedent, on the ground floor level.

More and more Corporate entities will also be forced into this medium. Now, many are refusing to get into it because their bottoms lines are really BIG. but once that starts drying up, they will see the light.


More and more people are turning off the AM/FM bands, in favor of the Internet. I have not listened to a Radio in the house in over 15 years. In fact I haven't even owned an in-home Radio in over 15 years. With the exception of the in car tuner, which is now being coupled/replaced with Satellite or other mediums.

Everything for me has been online. So, if the station is not online, then I just won't hear it.


There will always be traditional AM/FM, but the fees for that medium will soon Skyrocket more than what it is now. And they will be required to pay for licensing as well, one day soon. The RIAA can't payOLA a station to play their music, when most of the listeners are on the Internet.


And then, you'll see more of those big cluster Corporations, turn in their Transmitter licenses, and move strictly to the Internet...watch it. They are not going to pay top dollar for a transmitter license and also pay for Bandwidth to take their stations online, plus pay Royalties (for traditional and internet).


So, if you are in the Business of selling low-cost Bandwidth or Shoutcast services, STICK IT OUT. This is going to be your big time bread and butter. The Sales of Bandwidth will Skyrocket, and prices will definitely come down. How many of you guys remember when the price of 1 listener at 128kbps, used to cost over $3.00, sometimes capping out at $4.50?

Oh, those were the days.

Many of those original companies like StreamGuys, still sell those high-priced slots, but all of that is coming to a change soon. And those big cluster Corporatins will not be buying Premium priced services, either. They will be in the business of saving money, not spending it. May the best Provider(s) win!


As it stands now, many of the big cluster Corporate entities, are streaming their signal at the Maximum of 32kbps-56kbps. That's so 1998. And it sounds terrible over a Broadband connection. I have not used dialup, since about 1998.

It will not lead to being very successful. They will need to be at a minimum of 128kbps. Right now, that's expensive to their bottom line.


The rules for traditional Broadcast Radio are very different than an Internet Radio station. Those values are meaningful, but will not lead to you taking over the Internet airwaves. As they say, get in where you fit in.


And for us small webcasters, things will get better, and we'll start making lots of cash and be able sell in stream advertisements, as well. Because there will be nothing that differentiates us from the CC's of the Internet. There will be better programming and a vast choice of stations and music. This will give, as now, the Independent artists a greater chance of having their projects heard, instead of being turned down by some know it all Corporate MD/PD.


Hopefully by that time, for us, the Minimum acceptable stream rate will be 320kbps, at an affordable price.

Plus, some small webcasters will be able to afford their own Blanket licensing, or will still need to use the services of a 3rd party provider, which is why it's essential for places like StreamLicensing be successful. I support them.


So, if you are a webcaster, BIG or small and you are NOT paying royalties with Loudcity or Streamlicensing, you are a liability to those of us that do. Sign up and start paying your fair share NOW!


This remains to be a very interesting subject for YEARS to come!

-- JE


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Very interesting and an inspirational look at things to come Urban Hitz Radio and the future is looking very bright. You are right, the internet is part of everyone's daily lives now. For me, my job involves net commuting with people all over the place, jobs, information, everything most of us do now is all because of the internet in some form or another. That is why we are seeing so many lobbyists in every country in the free world trying to force governments to tame the beast and control it with a business model that just doesn't cut it anymore in 2012, and the public at large will not stand for it. The internet is a new consciousness that ties us all together. Keeping the masses under toe has been with us since the dawn of time and with the advent of the internet and how it can educate, inform, as well as entertain is changing the playing field of the haves and have nots.


Interesting times ahead.



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