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Cover streaming in SAM

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What player do you want these to show up with? Im not aware that it is possible for anything but shoutcast2?


I know it works for me in Winamp, but I'm not sure SAM allows it. I'm not quite familiar enough with sam to answer that.

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Im pretty sure you can do it with SAM and Icecast.


I know its possible to set up sam with External FTP for it. I never tried it, but it appears you can do it with a script through a port.


Im going to have to put this on my priority list of tinkerings.

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Its not my SAM, Its my buddy Gadi's. It the full broadcaster edition legal (one of my conditions to helping him) Not something I have in my budget yet. He asked me about it, At first, I thought SAM was completely bypassing the server on this. Then I see this guys server from Argentina. Tried asking him about it, and ON A IC2 KH32 trunk mind you, and he gave me a crude "wouldn't you like to know" remark in Spanish.


But I know its possible. I have a feeling he hacked the ioncube, which makes sense. Technically IC2 is open source, so that's legal. All the picture is ID3v2 metadata. either Hes got his SAM FTPing via this IONcube hack, or I overlooked a feature of Icecast I didn't know he could do.


Here was the kicker. If I connected directly to the mount point with my android, the album art streamed to the droid through the native player. I was PWNED! Scratching my head on that one. Not that his stream was legal or anything. But the fact I could do it? Gears spinning like duel props at full flank speed.


All roads lead to me hacking the IONcube myself and figuring it out. At least scraping through the output, and figuring out if it was designed to output album art. I don't see any documentation about this in the new trunk series, but I'm curious.


Theirs a few changes I need to make to it anyways. I always wanted to make band names clickable to google query band names.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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