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How easy is it to hack the backend of an IC server?

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Ok, so I found this forum, obvious host thats not a caster, but at least hes pretty interactive with his clients.

Does this top 10 thing. One of the stations is a top 10 Dubstep.


SO, He also is using centova with SC1.9.8, and correctly rescripted the display page right? Good job.


So this station that has had 23-24 listeners for his station for days. no disconnects, I keep refreshing to check, so not stream ripping. But generally same map spots via google.




How easy is it to actually write an argument to adjust stats? Anyone know about this? Or explored this. Im not looking to do it obviously. But an SC1 server, thats not being relayed (this was the tune-in link)


I am kind of curious. Either that, or hes got some BAAAAAD ass SCO and stream directory talent. No YP, except this site?


Very curious.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Probably not hard for a hacker I think Radinomy tweaks the IceCast directory to show less listners then I have well they do.


Becasue in Radionomy producers stats I have way more listners then what is showed in the directory and I am sure people do it. But I am sure you know that.


TechLover a Radionomy Form admin even told me they can't fix the issues what a F$$



Like I am that stupid.

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