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New and Having fun!!


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Hello everyone in BW! I'd have to say I'm new to this,but not new to talking ( as my lovely wife says ) :lol:

Out of the blue a few weeks ago I started Djing for American Veterans Radio avradio.org and I HAVE THE BUG!!! I believe I've found my nitch in life and I'm having fun. I know there's a lot to learn, just taking it slow.


Question for everyone and I'm sure you've been asked this a million times.....yeah I'm gonna ask anyway!! haha I'm going to start a Podcast/Radio Stream show and I'm needing help with a name. For the Radio show I'm curently Djing (Music) my name is DJ Tony Vegas. Yes I know it's a little cheesy, but it's simple and easy. So for the Talk Show, I'll discuss issues concerning Veterans in the USA. I am a Veteran so this will an easy subject. It's not going to be a political show; it's going to be an information/funny/joking show. Yes, I will put out good information that isn't being put out there by our wonderful DOD, but I want it to be fun and relaxing.


Yep, did I say I like to talk?? hahaha So if you're bored and have nothing else to do.......send me some ideas. :thumbup:





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As they say "Keep It Stupid Simple" ... also known as KISS

Don't search too far for a good name for an own show ...

Play around with your name, interests, subject(s) etc

and make some different lines ... who can become liners ...

at the time you have those liners, post them at the voice-over section and We gonna make you a read



By the way ... Welcome to BW !

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