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Hi guys,


Have looked through the forums extensively and now even more confused! Can anyone give me some simple tips on microphone and connection to PC for best results? I would like to know what type of mic to look for (on a very tight budget), and how best to connect?


I'm using RadioDJ lust running on a laptop at present (only temporary), I understand using a mixer is the way to go? As you can probably gather, I'm a complete novice at this, so please excuse the nature of the questions, lol.




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It all depends. I use a RØDE Podcaster USB microphone. Buying a mixer was to expensive at the time i bought the mic, so I just stuck with it for several years. The quality is excellent for a USB mic, it's just plug and play, and the price isn't that bad.


But I will buy a new analog mic with a mixer shortly, cause it's time to step it up a notch. But for a startermic with good quality, with a fair pricetag the RØDE Podcaster USB is a great starting point.

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