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simpleCAST GONE!?!

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Jim, Im not mad about the price as much as the general concept.


I got some e-mail questions about the operation of simplecast/Sam cast from people if I could do a vid tutorial for setup and operation.


Im going to rule out most of these E-mails, as most were for simplecast, and piraters can go #(@) themselves when their are so many open source alternatives.


NOW I could see if it was like .... $50 bucks for the Pro version. Basiclly, you would be paying for an encoder that you could get anywhere, but with SAM's EQ and 5 band processing, which Im a big fan of. The only thing that comes close is IDJC with audio processing via routing through JAMMIN, which still DESTROYS the core usage on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running hex black edition chip.


But $199 for a pro version? AND THEN, to top it off, I went ahead and team viewed one on a connection to an IC2 KH32 server. NOW, theirs a flaw, and its the same as all the Newer stand alones. So say a script is set to read from the XML for artist. The SAM Cast cant be set to specificlly read a text file with a Alpha numeric (IE %artist% - %Title% the "-" would designate help designate where %variable% is sent to for the metadata.)


What Im saying here JIM is most stand alone streamers that opt for programs like ZARA because of simpler logic to set up a clockwheel and better graphic interface than pal scripts to set rules, simply write the info to the file name, in %Artist% - %Title% format. To my simple engineering logic (though sometimes flawed) It would make sense to have a $200 encoder be able to logiclly Seperate the metadata by a unique Alpha-numeric identifier (like "-" or "%55%") and be able to route the info to appropriate XML sockets that reads the meta.


Im already working on a little fix for this, as this is currently a global issue on the stand alone steraming community, but I was tripping. I remember when it was like .... $70 back in 2009, and I was still tripping then not understanding the 5 band logic of a stand alone.

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I find Edcast a lott better to use than SAM/Simplecast. works great with virtual audio cables and is free.

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How to Install RadioDJ: https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-install-radiodj-free-radio.html

RadioDJ is my FAVOURITE piece of software it works when I need It



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True, I like edcast RDJ


The point Im making in particular. I want to stream music, but I want to do it by lets say.... Zara, or Manually stream using some of my native players, or foobar (Jaramondo hasn't made a good plug in for this yet) or whatever.


I want to take advantage of the 5 band capabilitys of SAM cast. BUT, I want to use some form of automation thats simpiler thaan pal scripts. In Zara, its so open that I can actually put a playlist IN the playlist with wildcards (file/%) so I can make a playlist that is 7 lines, and when its time to play, it will play the file (random playlist) so that the next song has an intro designated to the song. Like a file will have 20 playlist. Each playlist has the intro to the song, then the song itself.


All from the playlist. I can have the playlist open a website, whatever. When it gets to that file, it doesnt treat it as a song, it treats it as a command. So, I can literally have a script in the playlist that rotats a banner via PHP, or calls to a banner to pull up an image of the artist, and then the next track be the song from the artist. OR, have it google query wiki and text output to the site, or pick a random quote of the day. Real simple to pull off with wildcards, and very mutli purpose.


Think of it as the closest thing to liquid soap in a GUI form for windows. Not as much of the free for all you can do with liquid soap, and no streaming capabilitys, but the cool stuff you can do with DFM tones, Automaticlly connect and disconnect encoders, ect is awesome. Their are a few flaws in it, specificlly with the way the program reads metadata, but Im over it.


But yeah, it would be awesome for a decent standalone that worked with ANY automation script in this mannor to play ball with SAM Cast.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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