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Behringer C-1 Only Works On Right Side Of My Mixer?

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I am using a Behringer C-1 condesner microphone for my radio shows, and am running it through a Alesis Multmix 8 USB FX Mixer. My problem is, is that the microphone is only coming out of the right side instead of both the right and left sides on the audio. How can I fix this? Thank you for any solutions and replies!


Possibly useful information?

Channel on board: 1

XLR cable: Monster Cable

Using EQ, HI's, MID's, LO's.

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I was going to say. Your either broadcasting with the pan channel all the way to one side, or routing it with the main imbalanced. You should also consider posting a pic. This would help A lot. Im golad to see you got a mixer bro. Congrats!


I've actually had this mixer for quite awhile now. And yes that was my problem, the pan was set all the way to the right. I'm a genius! (Not). Thanks Brutish!

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