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[QUESTION REQUESTS] Interview With Icecast Creator, Jack Moffitt


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Hey all,


I have the opportunity to interview Jack Moffitt, the original creator of Icecast. He discontinued his development in 2002-2003 (so here is your chance to ask some questions!).


jack.jpgI'm an entrepreneur and a hacker.


My current project is called Chesspark and is an online community for chess players built on top of technologies like XMPP (aka Jabber), AJAX, and Python.


Previously I created the Icecast Streaming Media Server, spent a lot of time developing and managing the Ogg Vorbis project, and helping create and run the Xiph.org Foundation. All these efforts exist to create a common, royalty free, and open standard for multimedia on the Internet.


I am passionate about Free Software and Open Source, technology, music, and photography.




Post your questions below and i'll forward them on to him and the development team!


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When will icecast support the open source google video codec webm :)


you don't mind me answering right?


I'm pretty sure KH Branch has WebM support for a while now.

also the 2.4-beta support WebM and Ogg Opus.


Any thoughts on creating a solid open source alternative to Edcast and Butt?

While Edcast itself is an open source alternative to the shoutcast dsp.

another Open source project named: Mixxx is a decent alternative to SamBroadcaster.

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