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Little Request From Little Ol' Me


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Hey guys,


Havent asked for a request in a few years so i thought i might as well go for it! Im doing a promotional cast for one of my DJ sets, it needs to sound like a dry interview, i have my voice but i need someone to say these things...


"You're listening to the love that music podcast, we have a very special guest all the way from Australia here, his name is Davey, he specialises in electro house. Only 19 years of age, he has collaborated with boys noise records own 'Scientist' and is even making way for new genres to add to his collection. Here's what he has to say..."


"Let's get in to the mix now! It's Davey, on the love that music podcast."


Request Type: Dry


Cheers guys!

Ill add 20 reps to your accounts for each try (bribery hehe).



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