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Streaming licinse?


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It's not a MP3 license that you need, it is a royalty streaming license.

If you play any music that is not public domain or creative commons licensed - then you do need to pay for streaming royalties.

(This depends on your country of origin. Different countries have different stipulations.)


You could also use a stream provider that covers stream royalty payment - such as live 365 or radionomy.

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i ran across another from winamp a mp3 license
This a license to transcode in SHOUTcast 2. They require a one time $5 US fee to do so.


Do not confuse this with the royality fee (in the US) to ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, SASAE, which is covered by a blanket coverage by Stream Licensing and Loud City, which is paid monthly.

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

Broadcasting World's Stream Host of the Month

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You can look at both for pricing and see what suits you best. Keep in mind that as your listeners grow, your license fee will go up no matter which one you are with. You can read the terms of use on each license provider site to get an idea of what is involved. I personally like streamlicensing because of the outstanding customer service. But again, you will want to look at both pricing plans to get an idea of what is in your best interests.




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The MP3 license that shoutcaststreaming was refering to for transcoding a SHOUTcast stream to SHOUTcast 2 standard.


He was not reffering to the music royality fee (in the US) that must be paid to ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, SASAE.


Terrestrial broadcasting music royalty fee's differ for each country.

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