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How to run station with 2 seperate people?

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I am curious if there is a way, not to run a station by two people, one person would be running the station. The question is, is there a way for both people on a different computer/connection to both run a talk-radio station, as in both talking together as if they were in the same room. Sorry about the somewhat confusing question. Trying to run a talk-radio station with a buddy in another state.
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Well only one could be in control of everything at anyone time. You could use any number of ways depending on your budget, you could use a TBU (telephone) but poor quality or for better quality you could use ISDN but you would both need access to an ISDN us it and line. Other options online include using Skype or VoIP (voice over IP). Obviously the quality of these varies depending on connection etc.

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