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A Country Sounding Jingle

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I really can't believe what I'm reading ...

BroadStar has to sound as "bored with an extra R" ?

Next time pal you can make them yourself ...


I guess that "broadstar" is pronounced as it has to... Well thats what I learned during my schooldays (longtime ago ... I'm 51)

but hey ... I'm not American ... and I'm not a cowboy ... so sorry for what I have made for your project


I'm pissed my friend !

Loved em all er except it sounded like brodestar radio :retard:


(Sorry) brored is how it's pronounced (bored with an extra R.


I'll have a word with me partner and see what he thinks.


GKIye thanks for the above.

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Sorry if ya think I was insulting you as that was not the case.


I blame it on the differences in the accents.


To be hnest I thought the accent was American I guess I made a booboo.


Boy am I blushing.


Like I said my partner loved them which means we will be using them.



BroadStar Radio


Twitter Us Facebook


We are now listed on the tunein app.


Also on Gtalk

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Please include a script in your request clearly outlined in "" marks next time. Also remember to include pronunciation, requests do take time to record, produce and upload, we don't want to be making multiple uploads because somebody forgot to include pronunciation.



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