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LoudCaster Shutting Down - Switch To Our Auto DJ - 50% Off Special

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Unfortunately, on October 1, 2012, Loudcaster will cease to exist. All present broadcasters will have to shut down or move to a new service.


To help out, we are offering a 50% re-occurring discount on our Auto DJ packages.


We offer both SHOUTcast 1 & SHOUTcast 2 with full featured Control Panels.


Here are some of the features of the new Control Panel and SC2:


  • Auto DJ Panel lets you control access to your station
  • Build-in FTP. No need to use an external program
  • Works with AAC+ or MP3
  • Remote DJ Panel - Password Control Access to some or all of the features of CP, by Day, Time, Date, etc.
  • Scheduled Playlists for daily/weekly countdowns, pre-recorded shows, weather forecasts, or any other media that you want to play at a specific time.
  • Immediate Playlists lets you play songs right away, in order or randomly.
  • Station Liners can be played after ever 'xx' songs.

Regular Price (1 Gig Storage) is $8 US / month - SPECIAL Price is $4 US / month - Comes with a FREE 10 port 128k Server !!


To find out more, just head on over to our website - CLICK HERE

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

Broadcasting World's Stream Host of the Month

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StreamLicensing provides the other half of the puzzle. Our licensing package gives you the freedom to build your own listen page(s) while still maintaining website copyright compliance. Or you can use our default player page with no website design needed. Our affiliates can also run in-stream commercials if desired. StreamLicensing provides affordable, hassle-free, royalty and performance fee coverage and reporting for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. (Make sure you sign up for Shoutcast Version 1 or Icecast-KH stream servers if you plan to license with us.) http://streamlicensing.com
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I feel Streamlicensing.com is the best royalty service available since they now cover the royalty fees for Canada too. There is even a coupon code for a discount on www.wohooo.net's website.

Are you a SpacialAudio employee? The reason I ask is that LoudCity and SpacialAudio have had a good relationship for the past 7 years, even working Capitol Hill together during the CRB royalty fight a few years ago. We refer broadcasters to Spacial for software, and we believe competition is healthy, but if businesses we've worked with in the past are going to actively promote one licensing service over another, you can be assured that relationship will be re-evaluated.


Oh - Nice job pimping another hosting company in ShoutcastStreaming's thread too.

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I feel Streamlicensing.com is the best royalty service available since they now cover the royalty fees for Canada too. There is even a coupon code for a discount on www.wohooo.net's website.


I'm worried about setting up shop in Canada. I having trouble seeing how the little guys could survive it if the big guys are avoiding it. Pandora claims at least 45% of their revenue would go to Re:Sound, the canadian equal of SoundExchange. That's on top of what they already pay to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange. Check it out...





I realize SOCAN's rates are not that excessive but over the long term I don't see how a company can agree to paying composer royalties in Canada and not agree to paying performance royalties there (http://www.resound.ca/en/docs/tariff-8_proposed_2009-2012.pdf). Currently the performance royalties start at a minimum of $50K per year! Plus you have to agree to cross fading your broadcast or at a minimum have no gap larger than 1/4 of second between tracks. That's something a network like StreamLicensing or LoudCity can't enforce.


On top of this the small webcaster rate in the US expires at the end of 2014 and the Pureplay Webcaster rates take over. The annual minimum in the US is going $2k to $25K! We've already got our hands full without Canada. That's at least $75K between the US and Canada. I'm not aware of any small players in the space that can cross that chasm.


LoudCity would open a separate Canadian service if the rates worked and it experienced a huge population of Canadian broadcasters or listeners, which it hasn't. Until then it remains mathematically impossible for Pandora and most anyone else by default.


Sadly it still makes sense for some webcasters to avoid parts of the world.

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There isn't anything wrong with you having an opinion, but it's not appropriate to express it everywhere you like. The heart of the issue lies with you advertising your services on the LoudCity forum's sever times, while providing coupons to a competing service that you have an incentive to promote, but provide no reciprocation back to LoudCity. That's what bothered me. Maybe we can work something out but not under those conditions.
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