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Loudcaster Shutdown ... Do You Know Why ?


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I'm not a Loudcaster member ... but I'm interested in every way broadcasting is made


Is there a specific reason for the shutdown of Loudcaster ?

I have made several google searches on that topic, but I don't find any details with the reason why etc ...


During a visit to their website, I checked into the past several online streaming projects and operational (sound, fades etc) they're real good

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Yep, thats right ...

Also at their website there is no info about the issue ...

and if I use "broadcast ... your own ..." ... it shows that the capacity is "full"

Very strange ... but also very pitty to people who have running their online project

Ive tried to score more information myself so i can write an article but i cant find any!
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Here's the e-mail they sent out. It's not easy being a Stream Host !!




It's Time to Say Goodbye After 2 Great Years

Loudcaster will be closing on Oct 1st. Services paid in August will go forward without interuption through September.


The decision to close was not easy to make because we love on-line radio, the creativity of all you independent broadcaster and the excitement of millions that have heard you. It pretty much boiled down to the resources we have along with what we need to focus on versus what we want to focus on.


Our intention with Loudcaster was to change broadcasting by connecting broadcasters and listeners through a rich, interactive and social radio platform and transforming a passive media experience into an interactive one. Despite the best of intentions we wound up with a business model not too much different than a hosting company with the added complexities of music licensing. We're solving problems that were solved by other services long ago and we're just not passionate about that. At the end of the day If we're not excited about what we do then then it's only a matter of time before we make all of you unhappy.


So Loudcaster, as it currently stands, will be closing and re-opening down the road so we can focus on building the service we originally intended.


In the mean time you'll need a new home by Oct 1. Here are some suggestions:


If you are 100% talk radio, with no music usage, you may want to check out Spreaker [http://spreaker.com]


If you are a music oriented radio station then you'll need stream hosting and a legal solution.


Check out FastServ for stream hosting. They can handle live streaming, live streaming with an autodj backup or a fully hosted station using packages such as Centovacast.


For the legal component of music radio broadcasting, check out LoudCity [http://loudcity.net]. LoudCity maintains a radio directory and blanket license for it. You can be a broadcaster legally by joining their directory. Prices start at $20/month which is thousands less than direct licensing.


Best wishes!

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

Broadcasting World's Stream Host of the Month

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im one of those people that got that email i been with loudcaster for nearly a year now .....and they never really gave a good reason....one of the station owners of loudcaster found thru search where the owner of loudcaster was trying to sell the station...but noone took the bite....he might have been asking too much...my best guess is they got in over there head and couldnt pull it off....but thats me.
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I wish them good luck on their future projects and hope they return some day bigger and better.

Brandon outlined his reasons in the email sent to Loudcasters. In a nutshell, the project was extremely ambitious from the outset. It was one person building and maintaining all the technology required to provide AutoDJ, hosting, logging, royalty reporting, payments etc.


Those services are all obtainable through independent outfits. He tried to tie it all together to create a simple, one-stop legal option for new and aspiring internet radio enthusiasts. Retiring it wasn't an easy decision, but if a project loses its joy, and it's not passing the "profit vs pain" test, shutting it down is probably the right move. I'm sure Brandon appreciates the kind thoughts.

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