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International Online Radio Service, Radionomy, Locates U.S. HQ in San Francisco


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Radionomy, the free global service that has already attracted more than 13 million unique listeners around the world, announced it is locating its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco. The company is opening the new office as it prepares to introduce its service to music and talk radio fans in the U.S.


Look Out Live 365 . . . . . . .



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Thanks Saint for sharing


Accept that I add a copy of my review to this post as reply to Your topic, made earlier this week, about Radionomy :


Since a while Radionomy is decreasing the amount of countries who have currently access to their services.

Radionomy is free and pays the royalties for You, but ...

To every project a specific amount of Monthly listeners is required.

If this rating can not be achieved, the station / project is disconnected from their services.

So ... to small projects it ain't interesting.

However at first sight it looks user friendly ... but it ain't, unless a project has a huge amount of fans

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Hey guys, I am doing a small project on Radionomy to promote Viceroy.


Check out the station here:



And the skin that Radionomy let's me put on it:



I think that's pretty cool. I've been satisfied with the service: it is free and has unlimited uploads...and it's social. They have not bugged me about listenership levels and I wouldn't consider this a "big project". I honestly don't see why anyone would use Live365 with this service available.

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