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Radio jingle for Iraqi radio station


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Hello every one,


I hope you are good. If you can make me a radio jingle for our station, I thank you very much.

We are 99.3 Babylon FM. You can say anything you want it. Maybe you have one recorded before and you can just edit the name of the station?

Thank you x 100 :)

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Hey there GKI,


well thank you for replying. I feel guilty thou for you to do it for free. How can I pay you back? I don't have a credit card, but I still wanna thank you in some way. I can give ''shout out'' to your name on the radio but you're gonna have to be in Iraq to hear it :D


It's the second one. Just like how Americans say say it. BA-bylon


We are broadcasting from a town called ankAwa. And we play today's hits like pop, hip hop, dance.

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Hello Normatti,


I made some IDs for your project ... and I hope you gonna like them


Content :

- 1 file .wav with the dry VOX liners

- 8 station IDs


If You wanna make a donation, feel free

You'll find the link to my PayPal at my signature of this post


Enjoy the sound of GK :kiss:



2012 09 10 Babylon FM Iraq VOX.mp3

2012 09 10 BabylonFM Iraq 01.mp3

2012 09 10 BabylonFM Iraq 02.mp3

2012 09 10 BabylonFM Iraq 03.mp3

2012 09 10 BabylonFM Iraq 04.mp3

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