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Local Internet Radio in the UK...

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Would it work.



I have been thinking about starting my own local internet radio station for some years on and off but really like to now due to the fact local stations putting more networked shows or sometimes no local shows at all (Smooth Radio comes to mind).


I would like to know if a internet radio station was set up for your area would you listen.


I'm not talking pop shows next to metal shows a station ran almost like a FM radio station.


all shows would be presented by local people running local sponsors on shows having weather,news and traffic and travel.

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I don't think local stations work on the internet. A friend of mine tried with a community station in Manchester recently and hardly anyone from the local area wanted to get involved let alone listen. The station has now dropped the local part and isnow just running as a normal station.

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To be honest, I don't see why you would want to limit your target audience when doing online radio. I've always wanted to be part of a station in my local community but I've always seem online radio to be aimed at anyone and everyone. Many online stations struggle for listeners as it is, I think just aiming it at a particular area would be pointless... or at least in the UK.
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