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Player for Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

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Does anyone know where we can find the HTML5 code to build our own player for small devices like ipad, tablets, etc. without flash? We are using the Wavestreaming player that works, but want to roll our own. I have tried other systems based on jplayer, happyworm, etc., but would like to see the underlying code or own the code.


Here is the one we are using now. http://gametimeradio.net/channels/ch105.html



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I mentioned this in a different thread before but, this code should work:




In that setup, the users browser should try to play the audio using the first source option. If that fails, it will proceed to the next source option and then whatever fallback solution you may use. Each browser seems to support only certain codecs. I have no idea if that will work on mobile devices as I have never tried it. I guess it will depend on what codecs those devices support.


The combination of Ogg and mp3 streams will give you the most cross-browser compatibility in HTML5 audio. I believe that icecast is the only real option for this. Streaming in both formats at the same time (ogg and mp3). Shoutcast does not do ogg and you would need some kind of fallback option for browsers/devices that do not support non-free codecs.

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