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Extreme octane Radio is hiring!

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Extreme Octane Radio


Plays the best hits Non Stop 24/7 live from Wisconsin. Our playlist is made up of Rock, Classic rock, Metal, Death Metal, Industrial, Goth, Electronic, Electronica, Dubstep, Trance, House and more!


We are also a feature station for unsigned bands alike.? We feature many live Dj Shows.


You can hear Extreme Octane Radio anywhere in the world via our website http://www.extremeoctaneradio.com as well as on Loud City!


Our output is designed to be multilingual with multiple presenters and short advertising breaks.


We broadcast song playing information on our RDS PS and Radio text to ease song identification without the need for presenters when no presenter is broadcasting. We offer a multiple players to chose from. Please choose a player and take us surfing with you!


Extreme Octane Radio features presenters specialized in media subversion and professional sound! Many of our presenters own their very own DJ Services and can be seen around the nation!

Extreme Octane Radio was established in 2009 under ownership by Zantara records, A recent purchase of Extreme Octane Radio was completed in July 2012 by Wild One Broadcasting Network a subsidary of wild one Productions and Promotions Inc. Extreme Octane Radio was off air for over 14 month's and is now under new ownership. Extreme Octane Radio has reached over 49 countries with our latest being Sri Lanka!

We have a steady listener base with peaks in the hundreds and have a goal set to be back over 3,500 listener's and beyond, as we were in 2009!


Extreme octane Radio starts it's employee's out as volunteer's on a 120 day probationary period, in which they are strictly evaluated, we look at performance, attendance, online attitude, personality, etc. After 120 days we will have a staff review on employee and paid employment may be offered with Wild One Broadcasting Network which is the parent company of Extreme octane Radio! We do not guarantee paid status in the 120 day period, this depends on you! Currently we have 2 paid dj's with Extreme Octane Radio. Pay rate is based on experience level, time in field, and our review. We welcome you to apply with us on our website at: http://www.extremeoctaneradio.com/Job-Application.html

Live loud! Play Hard! Rock On!
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