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[Useful] Shoutcast FAQ - Read Here Before Posting!


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Here are some common questions that have been asked at the winamp foruns and the shoutcast section. If there is something not mentioned here, please PM James! If your answer is here.. DONT post a new thread, If its here but you want to ask a question about it you may post a new thread!


Q: Where can i download the dsp for winamp?

A: http://shoutcast.com/


Q: My stream has a 5 second delay, why?

A: Streams are not instant, if you are sending a stream to your server (in the UK) from Your home (America) and back to a listener (in America), it wont be instant and can take up to a 5 sec delay depending on your connection. If there was no delay, the stream would be consistantly buffering.


Q: How much is shoutcast?

A: its FREE! although a license is required to stream music, but please contact your local record industry association first to view your countrys regulations on streaming.


Q: I have dialup, can i still broadcast?

A: yes, but it will be very poor and will jump. Up to you :waoh:


Q: I have low bandwidth, how much does it take up?

A: Based on 80 listeners at 24k for 8 hours straight a day you are looking at 207Gb.


Q: Is shoutcast avaliable for mac?

A: Yes, refer to shoutcast.com


Q: How can i play my stream on my site?

A: You can use a windows media player plugin...







Please PM James To Add A Q&A!

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