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Hi from London


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Hi All


I have been lurking for a while so I thought it was about time that I introduced myself.....lol


My name is Jamie and I started DJing with Mobile Discos when I was 14 doing Weddings, Birthdays and the like, when I was about 15 I blagged a job in a Pub as a DJ, we didnt call them residencies in those days (I always looked older, still do....lol) I ended up working in 3 different Pubs around the Bermondsey area of South East London I worked the pubs 5 nights a week and Sunday lunchtime, I then got a spot working on the Thames Disco Boats for what was the biggest boat company at the time and I worked on 3 of the largest boats on the Thames most of the time although I think I have worked on nearly every boat afloat on the Thames at the time.


In 1991 I became a London taxi Driver and slowed down the Dj work a bit as I worked nights in the Taxi and at the time I found it a lot easier than Mobile gigs what with carrying all those records around. I still do the odd mobile gig and have kept my gear up to date.


I am quite active and well known within the London Taxi Trade and a few months ago I has this mad whacky idea that the London taxi Trade needed its own radio station, I put this idea out on twitter expecting the replies to be very negative of my mad idea but I was really surprised when every reply I received was positive with most thinking it was a great idea.


I have always wanted to do a spot of Radio presenting but I wasn't sure if I could hack talking to a brick wall rather than a large live audience and up until about a month ago I had never done any radio work.


I had no idea where to start with internet radio and this is what brought me to thee forums and a couple of others and I learnt loads.


Well we now have an internet radio station that we have been testing for a few weeks called London Taxi Radio, we have had a few problems with broadband/dsl connections and hopefully that will be rectified shortly. We iam to fully launch the station on Sunday 2nd January 2013 with all licenses in place and hopefully some sponsors and advertisers.


I have been doing the odd live show on a Monday and Tuesday evening which has basically been a request show which has been received very well with the listener figures being quite impressive for a small station that hasnt really launched properly yet.


We are currently using Sam Broadcaster which has been very stable and has not let us down yet, for live stuff I have been using my Virtual DJ Pro on either a laptop or Mac.


I will upload some pics of my temporary studio soon, I am currently designing how I want it to be before getting a mate who is a joiner to know up some cabinets for me.


Heres looking towards an exciting future in this new hobby.

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Hi Jim


Thanks for the reply mate, the picture of the temporary studio does ot show us using Sam Broadcaster as I purchased it shortly after that picture was taken.


A mobile app would be a great idea as you are correct in assuming that most of our listeners are mobile due to the nature of our business, the problem with an app is what it would cost us as we have already invested quite heavily in getting the station started as as with most internet radio startups funds are a bit tight at the moment.


The link to our website is http://www.londontaxiradio.co.uk we are also on Twitter @LondonTaxiRadio and on Skype LondonTaxiRadio we are also listed on TuneIn Radio as well which is how most of our listeners currently "Tune In".


Any critique of our sound is more than welcome

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