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The 80s Bermondsey/London night out


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Hi Everyone


As I was a Pub/Club DJ in the Bermondsey area of London in the later part of the 80s I am thinking about putting together a 1-2 hours show together playing the type of music we used to play around that time which would be available as a syndicated show free for anyone with the correct licenses on their stations to use.


I was just wondering whether anyone would be interested in using this before I actually bother putting it together?

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Hi Zimdjsounds


Thank you for the offer of a regular show but unfortunately I am afraid that I am at present unable to commit to undertaking a regular show for your station as we are currently setting up our own station here in the UK called London Taxi Radio.


The show was one which I am thinking of doing for our own station and should anyone else like to use it I would make it generic rather than having any station Ids included in the recording.


If you would like to use the show I will post a link to the download once it is completed.

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