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Celebrity Birthdays 22 and 23 April

Guest Baabaa Productions

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Here are a few famous birthdays coming up:


April 22




1979 Daniel Johns (singer, guitarist)

1978 Kim Elizabeth (aithor, poet)

1961 Jeff Hostetler (NFL QB)

1954 Joseph Bottoms (actor)

1950 Peter Frampton (rock guitarist)

1937 Jack Nicholson (actor)

1935 Glen Campbell (actor/singer)

1928 Aaron Spelling (TV executive producer)

1925 George Cole (actor)

1916 Yehudi Menuhin (violinist)

1908 Eddie Albert (actor)

1904 J Robert Oppenheimer (head of the Manhattan project)

1899 Vladimir Nabokov (author)

1724 Immanuel Kant (philosopher)


April 23




1970 Scott Bairstow (actor)

1960 Valerie Bertinelli (actress)

1960 Craig Sheffer (actor)

1957 Jan Hooks (comedienne)

1949 Joyce DeWitt (actress)

1942 Sandra Dee (actress)

1940 Lee Majors (TV actor)

1936 Roy Orbison (singer)

1932 Jim Fixx (jogger/writer)

1928 Shirley Temple Black Santa Monica Calif, (child star/ambassador)

1858 Max Planck (physicist)

1791 James Buchanan (15th us president)

1564 William Shakespeare (playwright)



Regards Mark

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