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Dry Voice Swap


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Hi Guys


Just had a thought, I know, yes my brain does hurt now!!!!


Most of us want someone to do Jingles and Drops for us and our listeners to continually hear our own voice and different voices make our radio stations interesting and fresh.


So what about a section on the forum where different station owners can swap dry voice drops and jingles.


I bit of you do one for me and I will do one for you in return, just makes our jingles and drops sound more interesting if we have a variety of voices.


My thing is I am quite capable of putting a jingles together but don't want to keep using my own voice.


I hope you all understand what I am trying to get at and what I mean.

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There used to be a lot of people doing voice overs here once.

Not many do them now because we used to get people coming to the forum asking for free voice overs , getting what they wanted and then never coming back. It got to the stage that we felt like we were just being used. There are still a few here that do voice over work, but they tend now to wait untill people have a few posts and have contributed to the forum. :)

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I am glad that some of you think it is a good idea!


Johny I can fully understand your feelings mate and it is terrible that people do things like that but as they say "there's now't stranger than folk"


Ok I will start it off, I haven't got a brilliant voice but I am willing to give it a go, I have a London/Slightly Cockney accent and if anyone would like to take part in this swap then please let me know what you want and I will put some together this Sunday and post them up on this forum.


There you go, a newbie offering to give something to the forum before getting anything out of it.


Could be very interesting

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I searched and signed up for this forum specifically for this purpose! :)

We are a small-market group with a full-time announcing staff of 3 - all of which are male. Even though this has been the case for years, our salespeople still turn in a spot requesting a FEMALE voice at least 2 or 3 times per week. Our salesreps, receptionist, etc. are nice people, but NOT announcers! So please message me if you're interested in a "voice-swap," where we could send each other copy via email, record straight voice, and return an MP3. I would also like to swap for fresh male voices - just let me know. Thanks!!


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