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Radio Hosts Wanted!


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Hello Broad Casting World


I have 2 Radio stations in need of hosts.


Smokin Hitz

Firstly we are an established radio with loyal listeners however our numbers are not amazing but they are healthy.

We have a number of host spots available.


We seek personalities that represent a friendly happy environment.


You do not need an amazing amount of computer skills or any experience in broadcasting, We will train you what you need to do.


Unfortunately they are unpaid roles however what we intend to do is build on what we have and make this place a more enjoyable


We are an "All Request" radio station and we intend to accommodation to as many people as possible.


Gamers Crib Radio


This radio station is in greater need of work.

I need someone with proven experience to take the role of "Station Manager"

we also need more DJ's

This station target specifically to gamers and we intend to keep it this way.

Please only offer your abilities if you are also a avid gamer.

To apply simply send me a private message or







Sean Atkinson



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