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Pitching a Sports Talk Show

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I have been working at our group of 4 radio stations for 2 years. All 2 of those years I have been broadcasting High School Play by Play Sports and Board Opping them, and I am very interested in Sports Talk. Sports Talk left our area 2 years ago. We have a News Talk Station that has experimented with programming before that hasn't worked out. I am looking to start/pitch a sports talk show. I am a young, energetic personality that cares about listeners. How would you suggest pitching this show to management?




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Ok... The show before this proposed one had good listener ship and good caller interaction. The reason I brought this up is because we, as a company, were looking for a couple of sports shows, one that i was going to co-host and produce, but they didn't work out because of lack of effort. I have a complete 3 page outline and a powerpoint presentation ready to go to present to management. I just need to know what things to say and what things will impress them. Because I firmly believe it will be a success. On one of our FM stations, we already have a Green Bay Packer Talk Show on Monday nights, and I think if we put the show there, we can use that well established audience from that show and use it with my show. That Packer Show is a live on location remote sytle show.
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Your best bet is to sit down and write a detailed marketing plan. You can either hire someone to do it or you can go online and find templates that will help. The bottom line is always going to be whats in it for them and the better you are at showing that the more likely you are to get a deal.





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