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Syndicating and Swapping Shows


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Since getting involved with only radio, which I admit has only been a few months, I have seen that most of the internet radio stations appear to have problem filling their schedules.


We all want to make our own mark on the world through broadcasting on internet radio and obviously the more people that listen to our shows the more of a presence our DJ/Presenter personalities have upon this World.


We are due to officially launch our station to the World (well maybe not quite the World) on January 2nd 2013, it will be called Taxi Radio and here in London it will be known as London Taxi Radio or Radio London Taxi, to some extent we have a captive audience as we will be broadcasting a lot of shows that are heavily Taxi orientated and we have also had a lot of interest from people within our own trade who want to get involved and do either a regular show or the occasional show so hopefully our schedule will be half full, we will also be able to repeat a lot of shows due to the fact that most Taxi drivers will listen in whilst at work in their Taxi and Taxis run 24hrs per day so a show that is aired during the daytime will not have ben heard by those drivers working of a night so we could basically run a 12 hour schedule and repeat everything overnight for those who have not heard the shows yet, well that is the theory anyway.


Even with all the above taken into consideration I can still see that we will have a lot of spaces left during the schedule where we can accommodate more shows.


So this all led to me searching the forums and internet for free syndicated radio shows, well I found a few, and I mean only a few.


At present I cannot find any central resource for internet radio stations to view syndicated radio shows or for them to advertise shows that they themselves would like to syndicate and allow other stations to broadcast.


So I wondered if anyone knows of an online database of syndicated free radio shows and if there is not one then maybe we could start off here by swapping shows.


What do you guys think? maybe its something that could be added to BW forums?

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If you go to my site at http://ragfm.com and go to the show hosts page, I air a few syndicated shows, Just click on their pic and it will take you to their web site and you can sort out getting their show for your station.

All are free.:thumbup:

RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

Click HERE to listen to the RAG-FM radio stream

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