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Other internet radio / radio broadcasting / radio programming forums?

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I frequently visit these forums...

  • Loudcity Forums
    Good discussions about internet radio, radio automation and royalties.
  • Official SHOUTcast Forums
    This is the real deal, quite a variety of topics covering internet radio and mainly SHOUTcast, but its a goldmine for finding new information, news and tips.
  • RadioDJ Forums
    Excellent resource for general internet radio discussion, also find lots of information about Radio DJ.
  • Spacial Forums
    Good for some small radio talk, its mostly SAM Broadacster related though.
  • Internet-Radio Forums
    Mainly a support forum for their hosting services and directory. But it has some awesome guides for SHOUTcast and Icecast users!

These are my main ones. There are plenty more which are now dead or irrelevant. And its great because BW has kept alive and well for nearly 5 years! I used to enjoy looking at Talk Webcasting (bit of a competitor but nowadays its a ghost town, same with some hosting support forums (Stream Solutions had a lively forum!).


Big thanks to all the long-lasting members and new members who keep our forums alive, we have had our ups and downs but its a pretty great atmosphere! :thumbup:

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