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Improving Spacial Support


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Just seen this on the Spacial website http://spacial.com/radio-software-community/articles/improving-spacial-support



When we asked customers what they thought of Spacial there were generally three comments:

1. Great software

2. Lousy support

3. No Documentation

We took this on board and decided to make some changes…


Number 2 is the one I am not really surprised by the support forums on the Spacial site have always been bad, Mainly down to the SVS speaking down to people and not offering any real advice when SAM went wrong, Along with Curt Rude replies.


I really hope that Spacial sort this out as people who pay through the nose for software such as SAM really should be treated BETTER!


The Support for RadioDJ which is Free is far superior as we don't talk down to the users!


One of the main reasons i am no longer using Spacial software is because of the way the support or lack of there in was .... The SAM forum on spacial is quite frankly embarassing to read at times!


I guess time will tell.

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