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Jingle for song request - example: "Song request!"


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Hello everyone,


Firstly, i am new on here. I am very glad that i have discovered the web-site, it looks fantastic. I am an internet radio DJ myself and have already found a lot of useful informations on here.


Now to the topic. Well, i am not really requesting a specially made voiceover, but that would be fantastic of course. I am looking for a jingle, that i could play before i play the requested song. Something as short and simple as a nice voice saying "Song request!" or "Song request up next!" or anything along these lines really, would make me a very happy person! I have Googled tons already, but i just can not seem to find anything like that.


Even a audio file where the words "song" and "request" are in would do, so i could make myself a jingle on my own, with the Audacity.


Thank you in advance and i wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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Here you go since you asked nicely. Dont forget to Rep :)


Thank you very much, sir!


Please let me know, how can i Rep you? I can not seem to find the option to do so.


Once again, thank you very much!


Edit: There you go, i found it. That little hidden star at the left bottom :cool: .

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