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Cool Edit Pro help!!


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Hey there im trying to get the BIG voice and I wanted to know what i could use in my effect to kinda change my voice to what mosr station use from Promo Drop/Station promo ect.


really in need of help, i have the mind set just want to use a effect that will make it clear and with a deeper vocie



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To make a big voice its usually ''Chorus'' under effects - Modulation - have a play about with that - I am sure it in CEP - its in Adobe Audition cs6 and earlier. for the deeper voice, maybe change the pitch and stretch it? - hope that helps!
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Hello Brother T


Is it possible that You add to this post a small demo of your voice recorded with your current settings ?


I'm gonna add some magic to it ...

and at that time I can tell you how to achieve a similar kind of sound


The Chorus settings are not that interesting to be used


If you like to create a deep voice, that depends to your own voice color

Making the voice deeper by changing the pitch takes away your natural sound of your voice


Looking forward to the upload of the file

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Hi Brother T


I made some edits to Your voice into the VOX_sample

and made an example of an ID into ID_sample (with some random reads)


a ) If You listen to the VOX_sample You can decide for Yourself in what way your voice sounds the best

b ) edits has been made with Izotope, add EQ, add Delay, add Hard Limiter, add Old Phone etc

The range of plugins and VST's is huge, and thats the reason that You've to make some "discovery" work with your own voice


Important is this :

- You have a rather high voice sound

I guess it is created for reason that You talk "too" loud, almost stressed into Your mic

That makes that Your voice is reaching a higher frequency and that can be a reason that some SFX or other effects can't be added to Your voice for reason that it creates clippers during an edit (listen to the first edit of your voice into the VOX_sample)

- Making a read isn't that difficult ... but it ain't also that easy :cool:

I call it a state of mind : before You start a reading be relaxed, focus Yourself to the content and to Your mic

Content ?

If a content goes about the new charts it may be made with a drive into Your voice

However if the content goes about general details, its sometimes better to make the read with a "relaxed" voice ... and "that relaxed voice" gonna make it possible that Your voice gets a "lower frequency"

Mic ?

It sounds strange ... but if You make a read, You have to think that You speak to someone ... and that other person has to understand every word You say (think about a wonderful girl ...) and speak in a way as it looks that You adore Your microphone ... Sounds crazy, but its part of the magic You gonna create


Try it for Yourself ... :

Make a read and speak in a normal relaxed way ... It can happen that Your voice gonna sound as too soft ...

Making a read is telling 5 or more times the same line ... untill You hear that it looks that Your voice is matching with a specific "moment of time"

At that moment You have "that line" You're searching for ...

Now add to that specific read some EQ to Your voice and start to edit some parts

At first make 10 or more copy and pasts of that sample ... and start to add all kind of different effects to each copy of Your read

Try out a flanger, a delay or whatever effect and see what achieves the best result


Once You achieve a kind of good feeling at some parts of a read or reads, remember the settings and save them as Your default voice settings

If You gonna make any other read into the future, its gonna be much easier ... You have to add just those specific effects to achieve the result You like


But once again ... very important : relax before You start and get in love with your microphone ...

I'm in love with microphones since the age of 12 ... and guess what ... I'm now 52 Years (young ... LOL) and it still works out to make things ... The older I become, the better some results can become


I gave into the past already other fellow members some ideas ... and feel free to upload into the future any improved file to this topic ... At that time Myself or a fellow member can give You some feedback about the improvements You've made

so ... Go for it !

brothert_ID_sample_BW (GK edit).mp3

brothert_VOX_sample_BW (GK edit).mp3

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