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Requesting a dry intro

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Hey what's up everyone. I know it's been a while since I been in here and usually I don't ask much when I'm here but I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind doing a dry intro for me please? I'm hosting a top 50 country countdown of 2012 and was wondering if anyone can do an dry read intro for me. I can produce it myself. I don't have a voice for voice overs just for radio. I just produce the voice.


Script " Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Country music lovers of all ages. 2012 has been a great year for country music and country music artists alike. Out of all the country songs we have heard this year, only 50 has made the cut. Billboard.com has selected the top 50 country songs of 2012. Counting down the top 50 country songs of 2012, power by billboard.com here he is, Mr. James McCoy!!"


I only need this to be a dry read only please and thank you. I will give reps to anyone who can do this. Thanks and much appreciation to everyone. If it's a little much feel free to edit the script yourself

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