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Online radio station or podcast?


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Hey guys..just a quick question and seeking advice...I'm gettig requests from people to play their music, interview guests, host programs, discuss topics , etc...I'm debating whatever to start an online radio station or a podcast... and what's more cost effective...and how do i go about starting one? Your help is appreciated...tx!
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Most cost effective way of doing that would be to record your shows then do as i usually do upload them to Mixcloud which is Free to use then share the link to that show on Facebook or other social media outlets.


i find It takes the hassle out of it.... As long as you provide a track list you are then covered by Mixclouds licence as they give links to buy the tunes etc ...


I have about 10-15 shows and mixes uploaded i do them as and when i can rather than have to worry about people tuning in at the time.

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