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Program Compatibility-Linux 13/14

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Feel free to respond as any solutions may help someone else. As for me I have decided to go back to windows an buy SAM. I think this will work best for my station.




I am trying to find a streaming program that is compatible with Linux Mint 13 or 14.


Here is what I've tried so far:


BUTT but I can't install it because it says it's not a debian file and I can't find a link to a Windows version to install with Wine.


EdCast installs beautifully with Wine but then I can't open it


SAM have not tried yet but would appreciate any input


If you know a version of Linux that ANY of these programs will work with please let me know.


I really want to use something that is an all-in-one solution that I can also use to record the stream. I don't want to have to run anything else like Winamp in the background.


I am very new to Linux (like yesterday) so speak slowly please :)


Thank you in advance!





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Hi there, We did go down the Linux route and found it to be a pain in the bum - If you are using the PC as the main PC then I would go for Wins XP or W7 - we've even tried W8 but still having a few problems with pla yout & software grrrrr - would stick with windows tho!
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Best thing to do with Ubuntu/Linux is run Windows in Virtual box. We have RadioDJ running great on Microsoft server 2012 along with Altacast (Edcast Replacement)


If i could get RDJ to run properly on wine (.NET has issues in wine ) i wouldn't need a windows box again.


As long as you have enough RAM and processing power you should have 0 issues.

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