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XTRadio - Looking for Live shows/presenters


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Hi Everyone,


My name is Akos Veres, I'm the owner of XTRadio. We are a small radio station in a distant corner of the internet. We've been in this "business" since 2008, so we have some experience, especially in the technical area. We run IceCast combined with Liquidsoap to give our listeners the best sound, to make sure our DJs can get to the listeners when they wish.


From a technical perspective we have 3 streams, a 192kbps Stereo MP3, 128kbps Stereo MP3 and a stream for mobile users which is 32kbps AAC+ Stereo. We are always developing and we're always listening, keeping our eyes open to make sure we can bring the best features all the time.


I do have to mention that no one makes money of the radio, not me, nor anyone who is involved with XTRadio. We all do it because we love it, because this is our hobby, because we like to learn together and evolve while getting feedback from our listeners.


I've written all of the above so those who'd like to get in contact with us would understand the bear essentials of XT and maybe some, who'd read it, would understand what we really are and what we do.


We are looking for people who enjoy doing radio shows, enjoy interacting with listeners, enjoy the company of other presenters and music lovers. We are a small community of friends after all and we've decided to open up. We play all kinds of music, one thing tho that we don't like, is trance music at 7AM.


Of course, it's not just entertainers that we're needing, we always welcome people with new ideas, from a techincal pespective to show ideas, everything, we're open minded.


If you like what you read, and you're interested, even just a bit, drop us a line, it's worth it, I'm sure we can work something out.


How to get in contact with us? Here are some ways:

Direct email: contact@xtradio.org

Facebook: http://fb.com/XTRadio.ORG


Or just simply PM me here or start a discussion below.


Thank you for the interest and I wish everyone a pleasent 2013, May we love music, as we did 'till now. (:


(We're changing servers this week, so we'll have some hickups, but still, if anyone wants to join the fun, let me know.)

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