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Seeking voicetrackers for FM Station. Volunteer basis.


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Hi Everyone,


We are an upcoming LPFM station and would like to accomplish a few things with this request. We are seeking anyone who would be interested in voicetracking for our station. This is for voluntary basis and voicetracking would need to be kept very generic. We have script outlines for our personalities but you have free range, its your show, have fun. You need to have quality sounding equipment and be able to MP3 your file(s) to us. For example, if you would like to voicetrack, you can do them in one file(like recording in audacity) and email it to us and we will edit each track for air play over songs etc. Students, hobbiest or anyone who would like to have fun doing this is encouraged to apply.


We learned to invite people from this site from an internet station and they said it worked great for them in the past so we are hoping to get some exciting people involved here that is into this. If your into internet stations,please apply. We need as many voicetracks as your willing to shell out. If you would like to make it a regualr shift we can discuss that also.One show, two shows or many shows, your choice. Thanks for anyone interested for contacting us! We look forward to hearing from you!If you have any questions please ask. Let's have some fun. **We will send you a copy of your aircheck also from our station.**


PS: Your encouraged to include your air check if you have one. No experience required. People are fun no matter who you are.


PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INTEREST (and optional air check) TO: roughcountry79@yahoo.com




The Team at 97.7

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