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Hi !

I'm actually on Radionomy (http://radio.snostael.ch/) and I think it's the best solution if you don't have a lot of money and you want to make things simple... But you have three month from the creation to get 15h/day of listening and after that you have 6 other months to reach a listening of 130h/day, if you cannot get them, your radio will be deleted...

If you have other question about Radionomy... Ask me :)

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I'm streaming there, for two years already. And sadly, there have been many crashes, recently. That makes it difficult to let your station grow big.


But it's still the best solution if you don't have much money. There's also a German alternative, btw, http://www.laut.fm . But there, you can't stream live, and also not all over the world.

Good Vibrations (90s flavoured webradio): Listen directly - Station info and playlist
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Not a fan of this kind of radio, its free so lets pretend we make radio. There are some good stations but why using this. Get a stream provider and go from there.
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