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Abba Mashups


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  • 4 weeks later...

Great to hear the All Time hits from Yesteryear (Yesteryear as used those days)

They sound real nice and I love the end with the impact element


For a first attempt with AA, a very nice job


My first attempt at doing any using Adobe Audition


Interesting can be :

If You use AA into the future to make any other edit / mix of songs

Check during Your copy and paste "mix paste" ... Thats an AA tool who makes it possible to copy / mix 2 songs at the edited fade out of a song A and to add song B right on the fade out

It can create a vibe between songs, and its real easy to add some SFX elements in between (same way : mix paste)


Set your "mix paste" always at 100% (thats a default setting)


and even more interesting, look for an Izotope 4 or 5 version

Install, and open Your AA, and refresh the plugin section ... see : effects > refresh effect list

Into Izotope You'll find a "CD master" setting ... use the default setting

You gonna be amazed of the result

Both Your songs and SFX elements gonna sound better than ever before


Attached a small demo that I made for You, I made it in almost no time (10 minutes)

So not all regions are perfect, but it gives You an idea of the "mix paste" tool

and there are also elements inserted


As You noticed (well I guess so) ... in AA You can cut songs / scores etc untill a thousand of a second

Now open my file into Your AA, stretch the wave the much as You can ...

and look (very good) if You notice anything special ... If You notice "it" ... well thats a part of the secret to add all files and elements at the right spot :cool:

GK - Demo.mp3

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