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Hi All


I have 2 radio URL

One of them is "rtmp" and the orher is "http" file

I cannot listen those raidos because I am behind the firewall

I tried to listen them with Winamp, VLC, Media player etc. but no success

I can listen those radios with FLASH player exe like this (http://www.muhammedmaruf.com/radyo/)


I need a FLA file like this radio that can I change URLs and than will turn it a EXE file


Do you have any idea?


Thank you in advance


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First of all

I'm not a writer of software and no IT specialist


But I found this by using Google :


- a list of drop down flash based players


check the examples 5 and 9 - click on the name / title to redirect to the downloadpage / guides etc etc


To enable a stream (of an internet radio) I have the experience to use at the flashvars this extension :


That "flashvars" works for my project, so I guess thats the right way to do it


I guess fellow BW members do have the knowledge to adjust my details

but so far You have some ideas

I hope it gonna workout for You


Edit :

or check this topic at BW :


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Hi Cagatay,

Hi PapaBear,


I think that I found something ... by reading and using a small part of the source of the html content

Open this page : http://www.muhammedmaruf.com/radyo/radyo.swf

Right click at the white part and see for "Bilgisayanniza Indirin..."

By clicking that ... You receive a direct download of a zip file called "radyo"

The zip file contains an exe file of 4+MB


I don't have a clue what can be done with it (except offcourse to make an install of it)


but maybe PapaBear has the knowledge to read, share etc etc the content of that package


Can this be a solution and answer to the question ?

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