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Hello Lovley peeps


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Hi there!


My name is Vixxie and I am a Internet Radio DJ for Skylinetunes Radio...

Ive been there now for just past Two Years and Loveeee every Minute..

Im really happy to find this site and become a member.


I love : 80s Music, Pink, Chocolate, Dancing and a drop of Whiskey hehe :luv:

I hate: Being Ill, Disrespect, Aniseed balls, and Clowns :thumbdwn:


Looking forward to searching the Forums...


seeyas for now! Tarrah and take care :)



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Nice to have you here! I hope we can be of some help to you in any way (wink)

Two years eh? That's a nice run going!


Shoot a message if you have any questions about BW.


And once again.....nice to have you here =)

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