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FATMAN SCOOP Greeting (Exclusive !!!)


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FATMAN SCOOP made a greeting who can be used as power intro to his songs


This artist drop has been distributed by FATMAN SCOOP on 2013.03.19

This FATMAN SCOOP greeting is an exclusive sample ... and it can be Yours as BW member


Enjoy !


PS : A thank You is welcome and appreciated ... for reason that I'm one of the very few people who has received this drop

So ... a thank you reply is the least you can do




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Thanks Jim,


Fatman Scoop won already 2 Grammy Awards :rolleyes: ... so he is known in the music scene


But it is a fact, mostly to Younger people Fatman Scoop is better known

He appeared for the first time into worldwide charts into 2003

Is since that period by the majority of people not that known - unless people of the Hip Hop scene

For reason that he has a rough / raw voice, he is very often asked to appear as collab with famous artists (example : Kat Deluna etc etc)


These days more and more artists do collab with eachother, and that results in a kind of double sale of their tracks (track is bought by fans of artist A and artist B etc etc)


PS : Check the attached (small) sample of his latest release

As they say : Join the team - it makes them stronger :balloon:


PS : You don't have to have a problem with your age, I'm 52 ... LOL

Never heard of this artist until now. I had to Google his name to find out who he is and what he does. I must be getting old.

FATMAN SCOOP - VOX sample.mp3

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