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A Blast From The Past Winamp TV


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Interesting how technology has changed. Winamp / AOL envisioned and enabeled early Internet streaming video - and Youtube took the wind out of their sails. Winamp TV was fun while it lasted.




It was also pretty darn cool for the new york times news paper to list scvi.net as the go to place for technical information on the Winamp TV. Tis rather fashionable to be used as a technical reference by a major national news paper :cool:


Now I am preparing to conquer Amazon and Google, oh the horror of it all :yes:

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Thats true


In fact, my first experience with streaming content was by watching the Winamp TV section

It activated my search to know more about the subject ... so after a while I started using a kind of Windows media player encoder who made it possible that "somebody" could listen (connected straight from my pc = dangerous :rolleyes: )

Problem was at that time that my provider had a limit of 20Gb a Month ... So I had to stop after some weeks


Stupid but true ... "after that experience" I discovered that the same thing could be done with the Winamp player

But ok ... everything that happend untill now is history ... lol

Alive and kicking ... hihihi

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Way back in the prehistoric days of the Internet - I used to watch "streaming" video on CuSeeMe - using 56 kbs dial up.


It was the original " yahoo chat " with video, but several radio / tv stations used it to stream broadcasts. Nasa TV and a student broadcast station out of mexico were some of my favorite to watch.


Winamp TV allowed a lot of independent stuff to reach the general public - Rant Media from Canada was one of my favorites to watch on Winamp TV back in the day. There is a lot of untapped talent out there - and the Internet is the place for it to grow and spread.

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Hi Saint,


Guess what ...


I just found that the Shoutcast TV still excists ... but the amount of stations is way lesser than into the past

The plugin for Winamp can be found here :



or open Winamp > Online Services > select Shoutcast TV > enter a password > add to Winamp

The service appears into the tab Online services

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